The Group's values

We are proud of our history and to share the commitment and passion that have taken us so far and will continue to do so.

The intertwining generations are our strength, the territory we operate in is our home.

The values encompassed by F.lli Campagnolo S.p.A. Group are intrinsically connected to a family history that has handed down from generation to generation the importance of key concepts such as honesty, respect, well-being, and hospitality. Our identity is inspired by these simple values that have always guided us in our work and relationships.

We are proud of our history, but even more excited to participate in a shared commitment to promote the well-being of our community in a broad sense, from our closest employees to suppliers, and all stakeholders in general.

The Group: our unique selling proposition

We are committed to working with honesty, transparency, and respect in order to build balanced and long-lasting professional relationships. We consider keeping our word, responsibility in acting and safeguarding individuals to be fundamental, thus guaranteeing equal opportunities and condemning all forms of discrimination.

F.lli Campagnolo S.p.A. promotes a positive working environment to foster and ensure the psycho-physical integrity of individuals, while supporting fundamental rights and the value of Family, paying the utmost attention and support to needs related to maternity/paternity or challenging situations.







Since its origins, F.lli Campagnolo S.p.A. has carried out its business activities upo values ​​such as honesty, loyalty, and solidarity, aiming not only at economic growth but also at the well-being of its employees and positive impact on the territory, with a vision, that has anticipated by years the current issues of sustainability.