The Group's history

From a stall at the market in the square of Bassano del Grappa, to becoming an international group, producing 18 million items per year, and owning 5 brands.
A family that has always looked in the same direction.

The company’s history traces back to 1948 when Maria Disegna, a young widowed mother with five children to raise, began her commercial adventure from a stall at the market in the square of Bassano del Grappa. With extraordinary tenacity, Maria, perhaps unknowingly, was already charting the course that would lead to the creation of a solid international business.

The youngest of the children, Giorgio, vividly remembers his mother as an example of determination. Maria taught them the value of mutual support and resilience in the face of challenges. During those years, Maria rode kilometers on her bicycle every evening to ensure food was on her family’s table, while simultaneously leading the birth of a growing business.

The involvement of the Campagnolo brothers in 1954 marks a new chapter for the company, with the opening of the first “Casa della Lana” store and the beginning of wholesale sales focused on hats and jumpers. The subsequent years see the company evolve with the start of industrial production and the introduction of automatic machines.

The turning point comes in 1965 when the family registers the first F.lli Campagnolo company at the Chamber of Commerce and invests in machinery for jacquard textile production. In 1973, the company takes the form of F.lli Campagnolo S.a.s., employing over 200 employees. In 1980, it becomes an S.p.A. (‘a joint stock company’), consolidating its success in the textile sector.

Today, F.lli Campagnolo S.p.A. is a solid entrepreneurial reality of international relevance, with over 15 million items produced annually and owning five different brands. This extraordinary entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the vision and energy of a strong and enterprising woman, capable of instilling confidence in the future in her children and grandchildren, despite the initial difficulties.

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“How much beauty have I created today? Because beauty is the origin of hope, and hope is the origin of new beauty. This is the virtuous circle of creation.”

(Iosif Brodskij, Russian Poet)
The story of F.lli Campagnolo S.p.A. begins in Bassano del Grappa during the difficult years of the post-World War II era. Maria Dissegna has a stall at the market in the square of Bassano del Grappa.
The family decides to open the first store; two years later, wholesale begins, focused on hats and sweaters, in addition to retail in the family shop: La Casa della Lana.
With the industrial production of hats and sweaters and thanks to the first automatic machines, a new chapter begins for the history of F.lli Campagnolo.
Production and packaging of clothing starts. Purchase of machinery for the production of jacquard fabrics.
F.lli Campagnolo achieves its first milestone: starting as a small shop, it is now a full-fledged company dedicated to production and wholesale, employing over 200 employees.
F.lli Campagnolo begins production of what will become its iconic product: the Fleece.
On 21 November, the Maryplaid brand dedicated to the production of plaids and fleece blankets for home textiles was born from the will and creativity of Maria Pia Campagnolo.
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The Group acquires the Melby brand dedicated to children's wear 0-14 years. Melby produces quality garments with a strong personality, made with all-Italian care.
Following the introduction of massive production of sports articles, CMP is born, a brand entirely dedicated to the outdoor world.
With a process of structural and technological innovation of the company's warehouses, the company's sustainability project aimed at the 3Ps begins: People, Planet, and Profit.
Jeanne Baret is born, a new brand of women's clothing with a multifunctional, glamorous, practical style and a strong personality to accompany the contemporary woman in every moment of the day.
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Product innovation and digitization

Technological innovation, research and development, and process digitization are the areas F.lli Campagnolo has been investing the most in, with a focus on process efficiency, increasing product quality, improving and extending the product’s life cycle, and reducing CO2 emissions.
In 2022, the company introduced new automatic storage systems aimed at digitizing and simplifying warehouse operations. The installation of this technology allows for the optimization of warehouse spaces and the improvement and streamlining of picking phases by operators. The number of operators dedicated to this operation varies depending on the period. On average, operating this technology requires 10 operators. The introduction of such storage systems has also seen the parallel training of dedicated personnel at both basic and advanced level.

Storage systems in Bassano del Grappa

Storage systems in Trebaseleghe

Pieces as loading capacity

Operators involved